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2003 erschien in der edition suhrkamp das buch soundcultures mit beigelegter cd. der umschlag der ersten auflage war orange (das trug man damals gerne), das buch kostete 12 euro; die neue auflage ist grün und marginal teurer.

in übersichtlich verkopften essays werden offensichtliche und abgelegen verwurzelte aspekte der neuen elektronischen musik nach techno verhandelt: untanzbare zuhörmusik wird auf die love parades der welt geträumt, digitale störgeräusche werden in kaufhaus-muzak geschmuggelt und die ähnlichkeit und schönheit von baustellen und ruinen wird zu tage getreten.

die cd wurde von mille plateaux zusammengestellt und birgt viele der üblichen verdächtigen und manche abweichung: thomas köner, asmus tietchens, terre thaemlitz, frank bretschneider, andreas tilliander, alva.noto, atom TM, kim cascone, station rose und 13 andere. einige werde ich in den kommenden jahren hier vorspielen, andere nicht. kauft ruhig das buch.

heute hören wir shuttle358 (ohne leerzeichen in der trackliste, sonst manchmal mit). dan abrams entging bisher der meisten aufmerksamkeit, das ist schade.

|>> shuttle358 - proxy

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  1. rai streubel sagt:
    Mille Plateaux Media / MILLEPLATEAUXMEDIA
    *Mille Plateaux Media / *MillePlateauxMedia / *MILLEPLATEAUXMEDIA
    CCCP feat. MEYHIEL - Quantik Shamanism Through Digital Western
    CCCP ® or C.C.C.P. ® feat. MEYHIEL are going to release their 7th album
    in November 2007 on the ?Art label? *MILLEPLATEAUXMEDIA
    www.raistreubel.com (CD / 2×12? / Download).
    CCCP from Frankfurt/Main Germany, now only consists of the original
    Bandleader Rasputin Stoy aka Rai Streubel. World-famous band since
    1984,chart titles in Europe, Asia and the U.S.A were ?American-Soviets?,
    ?Made in Russia? and ?Orient Express?. These titles were released on one of the
    first EBM/ Techno labels CLOCKWORK ® records from Frankfurt/Main in Germany. CCCP released later on labels like Amnesia records from Frankfurt/Main (Germany), Happy Music from Paris (France), Blanco y Negro in Barcelona (Spain), BMG Bruxelles (BeNeLux), BMG Asia Pacific (Hong Kong), BMG (GSA + Scandinavia) & Oak Lawn Dallas TX (U.S.A) followed by several compilation releases, e.g. V/A: Jean Paul Gaultier
    Junior Collection (BMG Pacific), as well as tours in France, Germany and
    the U.S.A.
    The second album ? The Hallucinogenic Toreador? was also released on
    Clockwork ® records. This record was the beginning of a new style
    CHILL / ELECTRONICA and one of the reasons why Mille Plateaux was founded.
    Now the first release of CCCP feat. MEYHIEL on *MILLEPLATEAUXMEDIA
    Rasputin Stoy (CCCP) has developed his qualities in producing, arranging,
    rmx and A & R / Marketing over the years. He discovered for the second time
    an artist from Aix `N´ Provence in France.(First discovery: K-LED,
    Tomorrow in the morning, Force inc. www.raistreubel.com and www.totalrecall.eu
    Second discovery: Romain Strugala aka MEYHIEL.
    Rasputin Stoy said: The style of Meyhiel meets exactly my idea of the style
    of a new CCCP album in 2007/8 so I decided not to produce a new album and
    give my support to Meyhiel and his great work.
    Meyhiel = Romain Strugala, born in 1982 Aix En Provence,France.
    This french artist from south of France collects sounds he recorded and
    sampled to play with, in his laptop.
    He also plays with his guitars, synths and his voices to create a fine
    balance between analog and digital sounds. this alchemy producing a music
    between electronica, abstract hip hop, mash up and emo ?
    his influences are Warp?s sounds and many more? He collaborated with zol
    and his label bourbaki records , with some confidential releases. He played
    live act for the famous french international festival ?Territoires Electroniques?
    ( www.biomix.org) in 2005 and 2006.
    He also working as producer, composer and singer.
    CDx1 Order No: 1625
    ORDER NO.at TOTAL RECALL: 5079884
    EAN: 4250026316258
    2×12? Vinyl Disc Order No: 1625
    ORDER NO. at TOTAL RERCALL.: 5079894
    EAN: 4250026317194
    and Foxxy Music
    Agency of Download:
    / Ed. Amnesia, etc.)
  2. michael newa newa sagt:
    I might have the story of the century in terms of the largest ELECTRONICA

    Achim Szepanski(Labels *Mille Plateaux, etc., and writer Suhrkamp and
    Weissbooks) and Rai Streubel (Producer / Head of A & R / Sales @ Total
    Recall + @ various labels like Clockwork, CMV, * Mille Plateaux Media,
    are best friends again after 4 years of war.

    This could be described as a really cool, after viewing the war, which
    could be seen in blogs like De:Bug, etc.

    If you are interested in the story, Rai and Achim are available for

    Also on the new cooperation between A. Szepanski and Total Recall/Rai.

    All the best in 2008

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